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ASQ Edmonton Fall Mini-Conference

Fall Mini-Conference
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AM Session:   Creating an Engaged Workforce to Sustain Continuous Improvement Initiatives

PM Session:   Aligning Quality Management with Operational Excellence Strategy

Speaker:         Gordon Masiuk

Date:               19 October 2018, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Lunch provided to Full Day participants

Location:         Chateau Louis Hotel & Conference Center, Edmonton


Price:             Half Day = ASQ Member: $149, Non-Member: $199
                                   Full Day = ASQ Member: $199, Non-Member: $249

Students:                    Contact us for special student scholarship pricing.

                                   Registration Deadline 10 am Tuesday, October 16th.


                                   7:30 am:   Registration / Continental Breakfast
                                   8:00 am:   Opening Comments
                                   9:00 am:   Morning Session
                                   10:30 am:   Coffee Break (15 min)
                                   12:00 pm:   Lunch (for all-day participants only)
                                   1:00 pm:   Afternoon Session
                                   3:00 pm:   Coffee Break (15 min)
                                   4:00 pm:   Closing Comments

Morning Session
Creating an Engaged Workforce to Sustain Continuous Improvement Initiatives

This presentation will focus on applying proven methods and tools for sustaining and optimizing CQI initiatives. The emphasis will be on providing a practical understanding of the human side of change and workforce engagement when implementing and sustaining continuous quality improvement programs and initiatives. Throughout the presentation, real-life examples, specific tools and methods, and practical tips will be provided for use by leaders and teams.

Key Topic Areas will focus on:
Sustainment:  Defining what it is and how it is perceived from an employee perspective.
Employee Engagement:  What it is, the three types of engagement, what employees require to be engaged, recent study findings on engagement and impact to business performance.
Reinforcement:  The “secret” to sustaining continuous improvement initiatives.  This area of discussion will focus on what reinforcement is, the four types of reinforcement and consequences, applying reinforcement for continuous improvement, and the role of leadership role in delivering reinforcement.
Real life examples:  of reinforcing structures, processes and activities to sustain and drive continuous improvement efforts.

What will Attendees Walk Away With: 
     •   An understanding of what really drives sustainability for continuous improvement initiatives
     •   How employee engagement is critical to business success
     •   How reinforcement is the secret  to employee engagement and sustainability of CQI
     •   Real life examples of how these approaches have been successfully implemented in a variety of organizations and industries


Afternoon Session
Aligning Quality Management with Operational Excellence Strategy

The presentation will focus on the following topics:
     •   The Six Dimensions of Strategy.
     •   The Five Elements of Alignment.
     •   Defining Operational Excellence.
     •   An Approach for Aligning Quality Management with Operational Excellence Strategy.

One of the key challenges facing companies is how to align their quality management approach with business strategy.  Many companies have embraced various types of quality management frameworks and yet struggle to effectively implement them.  The issue may be not that the quality management framework is ineffective, but rather there may be misalignments with the organization’s business plan and overall strategic framework.  

The outcome of implementing any quality management approach is to help the organization produce better results for their customers and shareholders.  Selecting and aligning a quality management framework, first begins with ensuring the organizational strategic framework is aligned on six key dimensions.  The presentation will provide a step by step guide to aligning quality management methods and systems with business strategy.

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Speaker:   Gord Masiuk

Gord Masiuk (BA Economics) President – Masiuk Consulting Services Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Gord is a seasoned management consultant, has held senior and executive leadership positions and has designed and led numerous company wide continuous quality improvement initiatives over the last 25 years.  Gord has consulted in 10 different industries including oil and gas, forest products, gas transmission, government, wholesale, retail and distribution, utilities, aerospace, education and professional services. 

He is a former VP of Organizational Effectiveness and Human Resources, was the past chair of the Alberta Quality Management Coordinator’s Forum, has authored the TQM Reference Guide for the Alberta Government, and organized 2 TQM Symposiums in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In addition Gord led the development and implementation of the Alberta Government Premier's Award of Excellence which has been in place since 1995.  His article titled "Aligning Quality Management With Company Strategy" was published in the February 2012 issue of Banas Qualidade (BQ) Magazine, a leading Quality Management publication from Brazil. Gord is currently focused on implementing operational excellence management systems in large oil and gas companies in Canada.

Gord is a senior member of the American Society for Quality, and has presented at over 20 conferences, including the Quality Expo hosted by UBM and ASQ in Chicago on September 20, 2011, the Optimizing Quality Management Conference, March 14, 2012, in Fort Worth, Texas, and the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Anaheim, California on May 21, 2012.  Gord presented this topic at this year’s ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement on May 6, 2013 in Indianapolis, IN.